State of the Art Security

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IT- & Cyber-Security is a Foundation of Digitization

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Data Protection and Regulations

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IT- & Cyber-Security Consulting

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CajaBox – dataprotection in a box

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Security Engineering & Hardening

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Multi Level Security Systems Platform

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Enterprise Firewall System

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Our Vision

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Why choose us
We are highly specialized in IT- // Cyber-Security and Data Protection
High versatile possibilities in IT- and Cyber-Security Consulting
Optimized for Small, Medium-sized and Medical Businesses
Own independent Security Products in FireWall and Server Technology
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Our Mission

„Anyone who does not take the truth seriously in small things cannot be trusted in big things either.“ Albert Einstein We enable big Steps for you IT-Consulting Ebikon has specialized in IT- / Cyber-Security and Data-Protection. In addition, the Company also works as an ext. Data-Protection Officer. In the Area of IT-Security, the Company has specialized in IT-Audits / IT-Assessments and Risk-Analyzes. Established structures can result in security gaps and high business costs in IT, which can be uncovered through…

Our Story

„Everything that a person can imagine is feasible„ Wernher von Braun First Step We started our Company in January 2016 We had recognized that IT security is not being used or is only being used very inadequately and effectively. Solutions are not rational enough. The cost for small organizations is too high. So we saw that we had to act. We specialized in IT-Audits, Risk-Analyzes and Proof of Concepts because we know that we have very high analysis potential in…

Our Beliefs

It has to come from the Heart, what should work on the Heart Johann Wolfgang von Goethe STEP 01 In what we do, we act with you We realized early on that IT-Security is not something that only works on the side. System Engineering is not security. And firewall or antivirus scanner is not security. Only the interaction of all components forms the quantum. (Multi-Level-Security). We are therefore convinced that everything is no longer feasible from a single source. People…

IT-Security is a foundation of Digitization
The dangers in cyberspace are increasing, data protection is becoming more and more complex and the methods of solving them are becoming more expensive and less compatible. Standard methods sometimes fail in today's world. So the gap is widening and that not in the interests of the customer
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State of the Art Security
IT- and Cyber-Security Consulting
Data Protection and Regulations
Security Engineering & Security Hardening
Discover our Products
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(Cyber) – Security Consulting

What does an IT- / Cyber-Security Consultant do? We fight the dark side of digitization The digitization of the economy has its downsides. As an IT security consultant, we protect your company’s confidential data from industrial spies, viruses and other digital threats. Whether in cyber security, IT forensics, data protection or penetration testing Our maxim is the Security of your System   Send us a Message

Security Engineering / Hardening

What is System Hardening / Security Hardening? Security-Hardening or System-Hardening is a Technique used to exorbitantly increase the security of a system. This is important because System-Hardening is one of the Fundamental Service of IT-Security, but is very often ignored.   Send us a Message

Data Protection and Regulations

Why is Data-Protection and Regulation so important? Data protection is not new. Nor do the regulations from it. These include compliance requirements and laws. The resulting requirements can be derived from a security architecture and a degree of protection of the organization. Both together form the basis of data protection and the regulations. When we talk about regulations, we mean data protection laws. The GDPR has existed in Europe since May 2018. It is a basic protection system, which is…

Own Products // FireWall and Server

Why own products? The Hardware Market is highly competitive. Many service providers and manufacturers are vying for the customer’s favor. However, none of the manufacturers offer any interfaces to third parties. This creates decentralization and uncertainty. Above all, many products that are supposed to work together are not the yellow of the egg. Too many connections can lead to high support costs or the IT-Service providers cannot operate the products properly. He needs certificates and it takes more effort. In…

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