More IT- / Cyber-Security through Security Engineering

Security Engineering starts with the system planning in order to meet the required security requirements and to be able to react quickly and correctly to attacks. Prevention instead of Reaction

Complete access control

Access authorizations are only given after explicit approval

The reduction to the absolutely necessary access privileges

Each program and each authorized user should only be assigned as many access rights as absolutely necessary

The reduction of complexity

Protocols and features should be checked to see whether they are necessary for the system to function properly

The Distribution of access privileges

The “need-to-know” principle usually describes data classification systems and is also suitable as a general approach to system configuration

Security Engineering is a very technical thing. You can roughly compare this to a firewall system. Firewall means = Everything is forbidden until it is allowed. With Security Engineering = Everything is allowed until it is forbidden. Security Engineering should help you to reduce attack vectors by eliminating vulnerabilities from the outset. In principle, Security Engineering is a simple basis for System Hardening. Security or System Hardening is – however – something more than just Engineering and goes into much deeper in Detail

Bereit für sichere Computer und Server-Netzwerke

01. Next Generation FireWall

Für die Zugangskontrolle sind mehrere Sicherheitsmechanismen erforderlich

06. Strong Security Architecture

Eine gute und durchdachte Sicherheitsarchitektur ist wichtig. Es ist die Grundlage der IT-Sicherheit

05. Reduction of Complexity

Im Bereich der Angriffsvektoren gilt es, die Komplexität zu reduzieren

02. Strong Antivirus Protection

Im Bereich Antivirus ist ein hoher und starker Schutz erforderlich. Auch im Bereich Endpunkte für mobile Geräte

03. System Hardening

System-Härtung ist einer der wichtigsten Aspekte in der IT-Sicherheit

04. Multible Security Strategie

Für die Sicherheit in Computernetzwerken müssen mehrere Sicherheitsstrategien verwendet werden. Technisch und organisatorisch

So let’s get started today . . . time is running

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