IT- & Cyber-Security is a Foundation of Digitization

Markus Opfer-Rodrigues

It is only a small step towards this realization

A computer network cannot function without a fundamental security structure. The dangers in cyberspace are simply too great for that. Small businesses are less well protected against cyber attacks. They are more and more often the target of hackers. KMU`s often underestimate the risk.

See fundamental IT-Security like the foundation of a house. If the house is on a shaky foundation, then the upper substance is also at risk. So there is a possibility that the house could collapse.

Fundamental risk of a lack of IT-Security in Computer Networks

In Reality we see it, but in Computer Networks we often recognize reality far too late, namely when the damage has already occurred

Lack of effective FireWall Protection

Lack of effective Antivirus Protection

Lack of System- and Security Hardening

Lack of Security Strategy

Lack of Expertise

Lack of Security Architecture and thinking in it

She lost everything to a mean hacker attack

These are just a few of the issues that make up a strong foundation. If you think you lack the right foundation, let us get to know each other so that you can learn how we can help you

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