Our Mission

„Anyone who does not take the truth seriously in small things cannot be trusted in big things either.“

Albert Einstein

We enable big Steps for you

IT-Consulting Ebikon has specialized in IT- / Cyber-Security and Data-Protection. In addition, the Company also works as an ext. Data-Protection Officer.

In the Area of IT-Security, the Company has specialized in IT-Audits / IT-Assessments and Risk-Analyzes. Established structures can result in security gaps and high business costs in IT, which can be uncovered through Audits / Assessments and Risk-Analyzes.

In addition to the specialized requirements, the Company has its own products in the security area. A separate FireWall with the name Adele FireWall and a Server with the name Selena Server. Both Products are deposited with the Institute for Intellectual Property and are listed as Swiss Products.

In what we do, we act with you. We have focused the view of things on your needs because we believe that this is how we can create a better world.

We look forward to reading from you

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