How you can easily and quickly reset a forgotten password under Windows

Should it ever happen that a PC cannot be accessed because user passwords are not available and / or users are not known (because no standard), the PC no longer works in a domain, etc., there is the simple solution, the local Reset user passwords and thus regain access. Expenditure of time approx. 10 minutes.

This procedure belongs to the penetration category and must not be used without the consent of the person concerned, as it would otherwise become a criminal offense

Step 1) Start a USB stick or DVD in Live Forensic Mode

Step 2) Open the console (root @ kali)

Step 3) Enter „fdisk -l“ in the console # The devices are displayed #

Step 4) „mkdir / media / c“ # create drive c under sda2 #

Step 5) „mount / dev / sda2 / media / c“ # mount the drive #

Step 6) „cd / media / c

Step 7) „cd Windows / System32 / config

Step 8) „ls -l SAM *“ # display the SAM database # picture below #

Step 9) „chntpw -l SAM“ # List the users in the SAM # Reset user password because local administrator was not activated # Image below #

Step 10) „chntpw -u“ User „SAM“ # User Edit Menu # Image below #

Via point 4 a new user can be created and added to the group of admins (if point 9 with „User“ would have failed or no other user is available)

Step 11) Write 1 (Clear (blank) user password) # picture below #

Step 12) Select q (quit) and save the changed SAM (y) # picture below #

Step 13) Restart the PC and have Fun ­čÖé