Attacks on critical systems in the healthcare industry are on the rise. Cyber ​​attacks are exploited using vulnerabilities in Citrix systems. For example, in Germany, an attack was carried out on a Hospital using the Citrix ADC CVE-2019-19781, after which a Person died because they had to be taken to another hospital.

Unpatched vulnerabilities become the gateway for ransomware attacks

Unpatched critical infrastructures lead to more and more RANSOMWARE attacks. Through this all databases can be encrypted. In addition, weak VPN connections are hacked, which means that cyber gangsters can penetrate internal and critical systems even faster. With the relocation to the home office, further critical security gaps are revealed. This leaves the door wide open to hackers.

Even if the vulnerabilities have been closed, hackers still have access to the network behind them

For this it is necessary to implement a basic security strategy „defense in depth“ strategy or a new Security-Platform that is resistant to such methods of attacks. With the help of the Selena Server, critical infrastructures can be better protected.

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