You need 100% Security – SaaS / PaaS is a high and risky solution

E-mail or SaaS and public cloud solutions offer little security for sensitive data. The encryption is complicated, cumbersome to use and reduces the actual benefit, workflow and productivity for employees who make additional mistakes.

If you store data on your own infrastructure, you retain control over your data and the know-how. This is the only way you can tell your customers exactly where your sensitive documents and data are. The GDPR and the future E-DSG state that you need to know exactly where your sensitive data is.

Most consumer-focused solutions, such as Dropbox or Office 365, are not designed with privacy and security concerns in mind, as they mix consumer and business data that is distributed in data centers around the world. Enterprise IT workloads can be handled by cloud providers subject to the US CLOUD Act. This means that by order of the U.S. judiciary, your business data can be released, often without your being notified.

Instead of trying to bypass their limits, softening them, relinquishing your know-how and values, Nextcloud offers a first security solution that gives you complete control over the location and access policies of data with a self-managed private solution. We sell this solution either as a single product on one of your virtual servers, on our Selena Server or as a single physical product and / or with hybrid backup in our data center. You also have the option of hosting the software directly in our data center. In any case, the data remains with you and in your central environment.

Under the Colopatiron premise, we offer you not only software, but also secure operation with the guarantee of the security of your data and the right support.