Data Protection and Regulations

Why is Data-Protection and Regulation so important?

Data protection is not new. Nor do the regulations from it. These include compliance requirements and laws. The resulting requirements can be derived from a security architecture and a degree of protection of the organization. Both together form the basis of data protection and the regulations. When we talk about regulations, we mean data protection laws.

The GDPR has existed in Europe since May 2018. It is a basic protection system, which is mainly intended to protect the end user, i.e. your customers. Basically, you are a customer somewhere and you don’t want your data or secrets to end up on the street. Imagine if a doctor would deposit their patient’s files in the street. It has happened before. That is what makes it so exciting to think about the regulations. But GDPR / or the E-DSG for Switzerland does not only mean the implementation but also punishment by the authorities if they are not observed. We often hear that there is no plaintiff and no judge there. It is a dangerous game.

Because if it hits them, then they would have preferred to take precautions. Because the money you have to pay then you still have to invest. Then they lost twice. It doesn’t have to be, does it?

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