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Why own products?

The Hardware Market is highly competitive. Many service providers and manufacturers are vying for the customer’s favor. However, none of the manufacturers offer any interfaces to third parties. This creates decentralization and uncertainty. Above all, many products that are supposed to work together are not the yellow of the egg. Too many connections can lead to high support costs or the IT-Service providers cannot operate the products properly. He needs certificates and it takes more effort.

In addition, these products have a disproportionately high license fee. All of this is at the expense of the end user. Not only in terms of time but also economically. In order to be able to build high IT-Security Architectures, the purchases are so high that many cannot afford such a computer network. You have to cut corners. That is not the point of Cyber-Security in the 21st century. This is what has also driven many to the cloud. But is it better there? – They lose their know-how and their values ​​in the cloud. They give everything away and they lose control. Some do not want to admit it, but believe us, it is true.

We’re not saying Cloud is bad. However, it must be carefully checked whether the scenarios suit you. An IT-Assessment could be the solution for this. The Assessment shows you where your strengths are.

For this reason, we have developed our own products. In particular the Selena Server. It is technically highly developed, puts you in the status of a high security network, lets you increase in efficiency disproportionately, makes it economical and rational towards you and your customers. We have compensated for the confused situation of large manufacturers and given them what belongs to you in a compact form. Namely your values.

We developed our Adele FireWall for a similar reason. You can read the story here.

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