Some say they are looking for a Hair in the Soup

Origin & Passion

We dare to say that we are ahead of the times

Can we say that?

We think so

Let’s talk about the “why” and our „vision“

Let’s first define our vision

Cooking soup is a skill

We were fed up with dancing to the whistle of the big manufacturers. Every manufacturer aims to generate as much sales as possible. Probably the credo of every company. Everyone wants to be the best at it. Faster, higher and better. But no one thought of the causes or the origin.

Everyone cooks their soup, but nobody looks beyond the edge of the plate

Albert Einstein once said that he searched the haystack until he found the best solution and not the first solution was the best solution.

In our time or in the IT market, it seems that only the first is considered the best solution. However, that cannot be the solution to our problems in digitization.

Everyone makes a soup, but all soups do not go well together because of different ingredients

So over time the result is an inedible soup. Not only that, but the soup is also in different places (keyword decentralization and digitalization). Bad if you had to spoon out this soup.

6-3 = 6

So for a good soup the right ingredients are important, the right composition, knowing how to cook the soup and that it is cooked in one pot and not in many different pots. As the saying goes? – „Too many cooks spoil the mash (soup)

The last great mission was in 1969. It is time for a new great mission


Why did we look beyond the plate

Large manufacturers dictate the market. IT staff must acquire folders full certificates in order to be able to master the technologies.The entire IT market in the service spectrum reacts to the requirements of the major manufacturers. It’s not a blessing.

So while the IT-Market and digitization are based on grown structures, produce more and more costs, more and more support and more and more susceptibility to errors, we have removed what has grown and created a new basis on which you can build on everything old, leaves inflexible and not economic behind.

We have long since eliminated the cause of this tradition. We made up ground by being able to increase efficiency disproportionately (on average 57 percent compared to tradition). We managed to implement multi-security systems without affecting operations. We have managed to set the security high enough that we can say that no hacker can attack the core of the system.In addition, we have designed an automatism with a multiple backup strategy and across borders. And in another safe place (the it means hybrid-system). Without a third party having to intervene. Fully automated security from A to Z.

So we were able to achieve that we have set the security so high that you could not pay with traditional systems, in the area of small and medium-sized companies. In addition, we have achieved an efficiency and operational economy that traditional systems will not achieve either. And we did it all without reinventing the wheels. We have combined what is already there in such a way that everything can be linked together like building blocks. In this way we can realize every conceivable situation with just one single platform. And the costs for this always remain stable. That is why we can also say that we are ahead of the times. We have a vision and we have successfully implemented this vision.

So we can cook a soup

Pumpkin and ginger soup is very healthy. So you should try it. Just as healthy for them is the Selena Server. It keeps your infrastructure healthy.

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