Password reset for Windows with Kali Linux in 13 steps

How you can easily and quickly reset a forgotten password under Windows Should it ever happen that a PC cannot be accessed because user passwords are not available and / or users are not known (because no standard), the PC no longer works in a domain, etc., there is the simple solution, the local Reset user passwords and thus regain access. Expenditure of time approx. 10 minutes. This procedure belongs to the penetration category and must not be used without…

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Patient died from cyber attack

Attacks on critical systems in the healthcare industry are on the rise. Cyber ​​attacks are exploited using vulnerabilities in Citrix systems. For example, in Germany, an attack was carried out on a Hospital using the Citrix ADC CVE-2019-19781, after which a Person died because they had to be taken to another hospital. Unpatched vulnerabilities become the gateway for ransomware attacks Unpatched critical infrastructures lead to more and more RANSOMWARE attacks. Through this all databases can be encrypted. In addition, weak…

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Home Office expansion attracts Hackers

From a technical point of view, home offices open gateways where there weren’t any before The greatest security risks lie in unsecured home networks and unprotected access to the corporate intranet. VPN Access costs license costs from major manufacturers if they run through firewall systems Massive safety disregards Companies and employees massively subvert the safety rules. Therefore, it is easy for hackers to gain access to corporate data. Data is also massively decentralized. Either communication is via Whatsapp or internal…

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